June 4, 2013

DIY Sunburst Mirror

Hey dolls!

So im sure we have all seen those beautiful sunburst mirrors all over the stores but who wants to spend over $100 for one?? Not me, so i decided to go onto my favvvvorite DIY spot --> PINTEREST and see how i can make one myself and to my surprise, i found so many different ideas using toilet paper rolls! Yes, toilet paper rolls!!! I couldn't believe it either! I continued to search until i found the perfect one --shown here.
So lets get started! Here's what you will need:

Round mirror of your choice (came in a set of 5 from Walmart $14.97)
A whole bunch of toilet or paper towel rolls
scissors, ruler, pencil, hot glue gun & spray paint color of your choice

Start off by flattening the rolls 

Cut 1 inch rings (or whatever size you like)

Keep measuring and cutting until you have a pile of them (depending on how big your mirror will be)

Once all your rings are cut, start put them in groups of 4 and glue together

I also made a few groups of 2 for the edges of the mirror (optional)

Arrange your rings around the mirror until you get your desired design

add the double rings to the edge of the design

Once you have the design of your liking -> glue away (i started closest to the mirror and worked my way out)

Protect the mirror and spray paint with color of your choice

And Boom! Isn't it Gorg?!
(No one will ever know it was made with toilet paper rolls)

See ya on the next post :)
xoxo, Cookie


  1. This is beautiful! More delicate than most you see on Pinterest, and it will be perfect in our guest room. Thanks for the directions. I have one question & one tip: what size mirror did you use? I also have that set of mirrors. I used one for a different sunburst in the master bedroom, but I'd appreciate knowing what size you used for your mirror. My tip is: AngelSoft toilet paper comes of the roll cleanly, without any glue. After saving a bunch of tubes for a project my daughter was going to do (she changed her mind and I threw away all the rolls I had saved!), I know from experience that some of them are glued to the toilet paper with a vengeance, and leave little tufts of paper behind. Not the case with AngelSoft. Hope this makes someone else's life a little easier!

    1. Thank you so much! I used the 11" mirror from the set and thanks for the tip! :)